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What should I expect?

The first time we meet, we'll go through your comprehensive health history, going in depth in areas related to your particular concerns. We'll talk about what health issues you want support with, what you feel ready to change, and ways to incorporate herbal medicine into your life. I'll let you know which plants I'm thinking of and why, and we'll partner in crafting a do-able plan for you.

After the consultation, I'll spend time doing research on your case, create a individualized health plan, and design your custom blend. Within a week, I’ll reach out with any clarifying questions and to check that you are happy with with my proposals before I mix your custom herbal blends in my apothecary. (Herbal preparations not included)

90-120 minutes- $150


Follow up

Follow ups are a regular moment where we check in about how the herbs are working for you and make changes in your formulas. This is also a time when you can ask any in depth questions you might have, or discuss new health issues that may have arisen, etc. Follow ups generally happen after you've been taking your herbs for a month, and every 6-8 weeks after that.

45-60 minutes- $75

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Acute Care

One of my favorite things about herbs is how quickly and effectively they can clear up common ailments- colds, flus, breaks, sprains, wounds... the kind of things that happen just from living life. I offer 30 minute mini-consultations that focus on acute, temporary issues, putting you on the path to a quick recovery!


For any issues outside this framework, we'll need to have a traditional consultation.

30 minutes- $45


"I have great news to report about my lipid panel results. My total cholesterol dropped 36 points! That's the lowest it has been in at least 5 years- and my triglycerides went from 140 to 64. Since my HDL is so high, my doctor will be very happy with this and I am too! Good news all around and the only thing I have changed is your tea and tincture and adding yoga to my routine on a more consistent basis."

Diana, Consultant

A word on sliding scale

If you can afford to pay full price, please do. It allows me to both keep spots available for people I wouldn’t otherwise be able to support, and to keep my work sustainable. If you need more flexible pricing in order to see me, please get in touch. I have several sliding scale appointments available per month. Everyone deserves quality healthcare!

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